Contraceptive Patch

The prophylactic fix is put onto the skin and left for quite a long time. The fix is essentially as solid as the preventative pill. Evra is the main preventative fix accessible, giving ladies an option in contrast to the pill. The prophylactic fix safeguards you against undesirable pregnancy.

Evra can be a more straightforward type of contraception for ladies as it just requires one fix applied to the skin each week. Ladies are more averse to neglect to take the pill with only one application each seven day stretch of the fix.

Evra prophylactic fix contains 2 dynamic chemicals – estrogen and progestogen, which are delivered into the circulation system when applied to the skin, keeps you from ovulating. Evra fix is a flimsy, beige, plastic fix roughly 5cm by 5cm that adheres to the skin. It’s comprised of three layers, the external layer is water safe and ought to stay set up while you shower, practice or while swimming.

How do I apply the contraceptive patch?

Evra is applied once per week for quite a long time followed by a 7 days break. During the 7 days you will encounter your period. First you apply the fix on your upper arm, base, stomach or thigh region. This is done as a rule on the primary day of you feminine cycle. This day is typically alluded to as ‘fix change day’.

Following seven days you eliminate the fix and another fix is applied to the skin. Then the interaction is rehashed once when the fix day goes along. The accompanying patch day you eliminate the fix and don’t traded it for 7 days.

How do I buy the contraceptive patch online?

Initial you want to get a legitimate solution through an internet based interview to buy the prophylactic fix. This is a free and short conference from the protection of your home. This replaces the eye to eye counsel you would typically have with a specialist. Whenever you have been supported for the medicine, it will be conveyed to you in 24 hours or less.