Diabetes mellitus as it’s frequently alluded to in clinical terms is a long lasting condition that influences people. Individuals who experience the ill effects of diabetes have higher glucose levels than ordinary.

There are two motivations behind why this occurs; first on the grounds that the body doesn’t deliver sufficient insulin and second, the cells don’t answer the insulin that is created by the pancreas in our bodies. Insulin is one of the primary chemicals that direct the glucose levels and permits the body to utilize sugar (called glucose) for energy.

There are two sorts of diabetes individuals can experience the ill effects of. Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin dependant diabetes. People of all ages can have Type 1 diabetes anyway it’s not unexpected kids and youthful grown-ups that are analyzed. Type 2 diabetes is the most well-known sort of diabetes that individuals have. It is normally a non-insulin dependant diabetes, which will in general influence more established individuals beyond 40 years old years.

What are the types of diabetes?

There are two primary sorts of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin dependant diabetes. It can happen at whatever stage in life anyway it’s analyzed frequently in kids and youthful grown-ups. Just 10% of individuals with diabetes will have type 1 diabetes. Individuals that experience the ill effects of type 1 will generally need to take insulin infusions as long as necessary. It’s vital to follow a severe eating regimen and do ordinary blood tests to keep a solid blood-glucose level. Tragically there is no remedy for type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is the most well-known sort of diabetes. It is typically a non-insulin dependant diabetes, which will in general influence grown-ups beyond 40 years old. Individuals who are overweight or fat have an extraordinary gamble of having diabetes. Anyway it can deteriorate over years and patients will quite often need to take insulin tablets sooner or later.

How do the treatments work?

Medicines for diabetes includes physician endorsed prescriptions, exercise and diet to control the glucose levels and forestall side effects and issues happening. At this point there is no solution for diabetes except for prescription can assist with treating the side effects.

Actos (pioglitazone)
Actos lessens the opposition your body needs to insulin and is utilized for treatment of type 2 diabetes. It tends to be utilized alone or in mix with other enemy of diabetes meds.

Amaryl (Glimepiride)
Amaryl is an enemy of diabetic medication that is utilized in the administration of diabetes mellitus type 2. They work by expanding insulin discharge from the beta cells in the pancreas.

DDAVP (Desmopressin)
Is an enemy of diuretic chemical used to treat the side effects of diabetes inspidus, which incorporate expanded thirst and pee.

Glucophage (metformin)
Glucophage is an oral enemy of diabetic medication and is the first-line drug decision for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes particularly for individuals who are overweight or hefty with typical kidney capability

Glucotrol (Glipizide SR)
Is an enemy of diabetic medication for individuals who have type 2 diabetes. Glucotrol is utilized related to a legitimate eating regimen and exercise to control high glucose. It works by invigorating the arrival of regular insulin inside the body.

Janumet (Sitagliptin phosphate + Metformin)
Used to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by expanding the insulin delivered by the body and diminishes how much sugar that the liver produces and the digestion tracts retain.

Januvia (Sitagliptin)
Used to treat type 2 diabetes. Januvia is an oral diabetes medication that can assist with controlling glucose levels and manage the degrees of insulin your body produces subsequent to eating.

Metformin (Metformin Hydrochloride)
Metformin decreases the size of sugar your body ingests from the food you eat and diminishes how much glucose created by the liver. Metformin can’t treat type 1 diabetes.

Prandin (Repaglinide)
Prandin is utilized to treat type 2 diabetes. It tends to be utilized alone or alongside other enemy of diabetes medication.

Precose (Acarbose)
Precose is a glucosidase inhibitor used to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by deferring the assimilation of carbs (starch and table sugar). Starches are generally changed over into sugars, which can be ingested through the digestive system. This diminishes how much sugar that is passes into the blood and forestalls hyperglycemia known as high glucose.

Rocaltrol (Calcitriol)
Calcitriol is a hormonally dynamic type of vitamin D used to treat low calcium levels in your blood.

Starlix (Nateglinide)
Starlix (Nateglinide) is an oral drug that brings down blood glucose by invigorating the arrival of insulin from the pancreas. This assists control with blooding levels inside the body.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is classed as a digestion problem. Digestion alludes to the manner in which our bodies utilize processed nourishment for development and energy. The vast majority of the food we eat is separated into glucose, which is the standard wellspring of fuel for our bodies. At the point when the food we have eaten is processed the glucose makes it way to our circulation system. From that point our cells utilize the glucose for development and energy anyway glucose can’t enter the cells without insulin.

Subsequent to eating, the pancreas delivers a satisfactory amount of insulin to move the glucose in our blood into the cells and will bring down the glucose level. An individual with diabetes has a condition where the amount of glucose is too high which is know as hyperglycemia. The overabundance blood glucose at last drops of the body in pee, this causes:


  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Tiredness
  • Itchiness-around the genitals
  • Recurring infections on the skin, e.g. boils.

What complications can diabetes cause?

If diabetes isn’t diagnosed or hasn’t been treated properly you are at a higher risk of complications to your health. These include:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Eye problems – blurred vision, glaucoma, cataracts
  • Foot issues – ulcers, neuropathy
  • Hearing problems
  • Heart problems
  • Skin infections
  • Gum disease
  • Gastropathy
  • Nephropathy
  • Stroke
  • Erectile dysfuction – impotence

Can I buy diabetes treatments online?

Yes you can. To buy any prescription medication online you will first need to complete an online consultation. This replaces the one on one consultation that you would normally have with a doctor. Once this free consultation is completed, it should only take a few minutes. The medication will be dispatched from the chemist within 48 hours. Arriving to you at home, saving time and money.